Trish Spencer for Alameda Mayor 2014

Trish Spencer for Mayor of Alameda

Trish Spencer

As mayor, I will chart a new course for Alameda, putting Alamedans first. I will work to ensure Alameda does its best to serve all residents.
Trish Spencer for Mayor of Alameda - Alamedans First
Election Day is November 4!

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The truth about Trish By Robert Sullwold Boy, the Inner Ring sure doesn’t like Mayoral candidate Trish Spencer. No, we’re not talking about the anonymous proprietor of the Tumblr site – TrashTrish, we think it’s called – devoted to denigrating Ms. Spencer. We’re referring to two of our most prominent political pooh-bahs. If you were checking the online political chat a week ... Continue reading… ›

It makes me wonder By Mike Cooper Editor: Before casting your votes in the upcoming election, I encourage all my friends and neighbors to take some time out of your busy lives and take a good long look at the Island we live on. I took a long drive last week and I returned home with serious concerns about the development ... Continue reading… ›

Trish and Supporters at Alameda City Hall